13 October 2022

Why Are Two Bedroom Homes A Good Investment?

Unless you’re looking for a flat or an apartment, a two bedroom home is often the smallest type of home you can buy, but don’t be fooled, a two bedroom home can be a fantastic investment for anyone looking to make their move on the property ladder. Better still, with two bedroom homes like ours at Ellerwood in Skipton, you also get a lot more space than you might think when you invest in a two bed house.

So what makes two bedroom houses a great investment?

First and foremost, because two bedroom houses are obviously smaller than their three, four and five bedroom counterparts, they often cost less to buy too. The deposit will be smaller and your mortgage will be smaller and that makes them much more accessible and more appealing to lots of different types of home buyers. It’s also this wide appeal that makes a two bedroom home such a great investment, because demand in the market is always high. That means you can enjoy living there yourself while being safe in the knowledge that it will sell well or rent out easily should you decide to move on in the future.

Who do two bedroom homes appeal to and why?

Two bedroom homes are great for first time buyers due to those smaller price tags, but they’re also great for small or young families looking for that extra bedroom, as well as some dedicated outdoor space that flats and apartments typically don’t deliver. They're also great for single people too. They’re big enough to accommodate guests and visitors but they’re not so big that you’re not using half the house when it’s just you at home.Don’t forget you can buy a house with a friend too - this is becoming a much more popular option among young professionals because it’s the perfect balance between shared living, shared costs and a shared investment. 

What’s special about our two bedroom homes?

Here at Space Homes, we currently have a fantastic two bedroom house type available at our flagship development in Skipton: The Holtby.

The Holtby offers an impressive and flexible ground floor living space that’s perfect for both socialising and entertaining, as well as managing the day to day demands of busy family life. There is an open plan kitchen dining space that spans the entire width of the home, with modern bi-fold doors that open straight out into your private outdoor space. It’s not all about open plan living at The Holtby though, because this carefully considered two bedroom home also features a separate living room; a perfect retreat for quiet evenings in. A downstairs w/c completes the ground floor space before you head upstairs to find two double bedrooms. 

Both bedrooms are spacious doubles; bedroom one features a luxury walk-in wardrobe and it’s own en-suite, leaving the family bathroom free for everyone else to use. This balance of bedrooms and bathrooms are what makes the Holtby such a desirable choice for both young families but also friends looking to house share. 

If you’re looking to invest in a two bedroom home, why not explore the two bedroom homes we have available right now? Don’t forget, with our Shared Ownership scheme, you could make your next move on the property ladder for much less than you think too.