Assisted Move

Having a house to sell doesn't need to stop you from reserving your brand new home.

How does it work?

Assisted Move enables you to reserve your brand new home whilst we help you sell your current property. We will appoint our local agent to take care of your homes marketing activity and we'll even pay half of your estate agent fees on completion. 

  1. Find your dream home with Space Homes
  2. We will appoint a local specialist to carry out a no obligation valuation of your property.
  3. If you are happy to proceed, you can reserve your chosen plot under our Assisted Move scheme. The marketing period for your current home will start. 
  4. When a buyer is found who is in a position to move, we will instruct solicitors and proceed with the sale. 
  5. We will exchange contracts within 28 days which will mean we're able to give you 10 days notice of your new home being ready to move into. 
  6. On legal completion, we will pay 50% of your agents sale fees.

Am I Eligible?

You can use our Assisted Move scheme when selling any type of property regardless of it's value, making this an excellent scheme to take advantage of whether you're moving to a bigger, smaller or similar style of home.


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Hodgsons Gate

Sherburn in Elmet
Price from:£325,000
Bedrooms:4 - 5


Price range:£91,000 - £575,000
Bedrooms:2 - 5

Cromwell Gardens

Price from:£0
Bedrooms:2 - 4