16 September 2019

Top tips for moving day!

Moving home can be a daunting time, especially if you’re buying your first ever home. With lots to remember along the entire home buying process, it can be easy to forget even the simplest of things. So we’ve put together what your moving day will look like, so you’re fully equipped for the new chapter in your brand new home.

Pack beforehand

It’s a good idea to pack up your belongings before move in day. You’ll have plenty to do on the big day, so if everything is packed up already, it’ll make for a smoother move in day.
If you’re wondering what to store all your belongings in, we’d recommend cardboard boxes. They’re an easy way to pack in lots of your stuff, plus, they’re cheap!
Also, if you opt to pack everything in cardboard boxes, make sure you buy a marker pen too. That way, you can label all your boxes so you don’t forget where everything is when you start to unpack in your new home.

Early start

On the big day, make the most of your time by getting up early and preparing yourself for what’s ahead. Grab a coffee, a magazine and chill for an hour in the morning.
When you’re feeling calm and collected, it’s a good idea to check the house. Make sure you have packed everything and haven’t missed anything. Check under the beds, in all the storage cupboards and in all the kitchen cupboards. 

Welcome your moving team

You’ll most likely have hired a moving team to help you transport all your stuff from your old property to your new one. Be sure to welcome them and show them what you want to be moved, where you want it moving to, and details as to what is inside the boxes.
They will take care of all your belongings on the move in day and get them where you want them, so make them a cuppa if you have time!


If you have pets, it’s a good idea to drop them off at a family member, friends, or babysitter for the day while you deal with the move. It can be a stressful day, so having less people involved can mean a smoother move. Also, if you’re a dog owner, you probably won’t have time for your usual dog walk!
Try arrange this prior to move in day, so you know exactly what time you’re dropping them off or their getting picked up.

Final clean

Before leaving, make sure your property is clean for the next tenants moving in. In many cases, the landlord expects the property to be left as it was when you first moved in, so it’s a good idea to give your home a thorough clean before officially leaving.

Final walk through & saying goodbye!

Although you’ve checked once before, be sure to do a final check over of your property before leaving. Don’t forget to check the garden, attic, basement, cellar of your current home!
It’s time to say goodbye to your current property. Whether its your rented accommodation or your parents, it probably holds a lot of memories, so take one final selfie before leaving!

Leave your keys with your landlord or estate agent

On moving day, it’s most likely that your landlord or estate agent will meet you to collect your keys. Make sure you know the arrangement prior to move in day, so you’re all packed up in time for when you have to move out.
If you have an alternative arrangement, for example if you’re leaving your keys in a safe place, be sure to take a photo of the keys where you left them. Or drop your landlord a message to tell them you’ve left the property!

Check times

Once you’ve checked when the pets are getting dropped off and when your keys are going to be collected from your landlord, make sure you know what time you’re going to complete on your new home.
Here at Space Homes, the sales negotiator at your development will arrange a time to come to the property and complete. In most cases, your completion time will be in the afternoon, giving you time to pack up everything from your previous property. However, it can be earlier, which is why our sales negotiators will arrange a time that suits you before the big day.
Once you’re all moved into your new Space home, you can start to think about your post-move checklist! We’re putting together the ultimate checklist for after you’ve moved, so keep an eye out on the blog!