31 January 2024

Gift Guide 2024: Ideas for The DIY and Home Improvement Guru

Looking for gift ideas for the DIYer in your life? Moving into a new home is the perfect opportunity to stock up on those essential bits of DIY kit they may not have needed before. Or if you have someone in mind who loves DIY it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ve got you covered with this list of useful and practical gift ideas to choose from, making sure you’ll deliver a great present every time.

Power Tools

A must have for any toolbox. Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or just starting out, a selection of home improvement power tools can help you tackle any project big or small, efficiently, effortlessly and with ease. 

Best Starter Kit: 
Ryobi Tools UK | Power tools, ONE+, Outdoor, 36V £109 
Ryobi have the best deals for combination drills and power tools. Their starter pack is a great place to begin if you need to start building your own tool collection. Including a power drill, battery pack and charging point, the battery and charger can then be used across all their tool ranges. Not only that but you receive another power tool of your choice completely free! 

Best 2-in-1 Power Drill: 
WORX Nitro Switchdriver 2.0, 2-in-1 Drill & Driver £119
Keeps all the features of the original Switchdriver but with upgrades like a brushless motor, increased torque, and intelligent digital display. The 6.35mm rotating dual chucks allow you to quickly switch between drill and driver with ease. 


Best Budget Option:
Mac Allister Solo 18V 1 x 2 Li-ion Brushed Cordless Combi drill £49 

Keeping it straight

Moving into a new home means lots of empty spaces to fill. Whether you’re mounting cabinetry, hanging wall art, or installing shelving, you need to make sure your work pieces are level.

Super All Rounder:
Green Laser Level £32.48 
The laser level with double modules allows you to switch among cross lines, vertical and horizontal line. The green laser level offers high, precise visibility up to 45m with 2 times brighter than red laser. It offers optimal visibility even during the day, making it handy for indoor and outdoor use. 


Workshop Essentials

For those bigger jobs around the house or if you’re looking for a gift for someone in the trade then how about some nifty ideas to tidy up their workshop? 

Handy Tool Organiser:
Bucket Boss The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organizer £26.78
A great idea to keep all tools close at hand. It fits inside any 5-gallon bucket to quickly turn it into an easy to carry tool organizer. The heavyweight material includes 30 total pockets that line both the inside and outside along with 3 interior loops for your hammer, drill, or other tools with handles. 

Work Table: 
WORX Pegasus Folding Work Table & Sawhorse £126.99
This multifunctional Worx worktable also doubles as a sawhorse, making it an ideal gift for anyone tackling a wide range of home repair or maintenance tasks. It’s also just 25 pounds, which is heavy enough to provide a sturdy foundation, and still lightweight enough to easily carry around a workspace. 

Magnetic Wristband: 
MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband £6.99
This is a really helpful little tool. Working in a tight spot and don’t have a free hand to hold the bolt you just took off? Working on an extension ladder and don’t feel like holding nails between your teeth? Need to make that Ikea bookcase assembly go a bit faster? There are lots of uses for this magnetic wristband.

DIY Guides & Quirky Gifts

On a smaller budget or just wanting something a little outside the box? Look for personalised toolbelts, DIY self help guides or inspirational quotes on t-shirts. 

DIY Self Help Guide:
Beginner's Guide to DIY & Home Repair: Books £10.65
This practical handbook was created to solve every home improvement dilemma. Full of expert advice it provides first-time homeowners with the basic skills and guidance needed to get the job done. It features easy instructions for all the home DIY basics, from painting and wallpapering to simple plumbing, changing a lock, using power tools, fixing a squeaky board, and more.

Quirky T-shirt:
Funny T-Shirt I'm Here Because You Broke It T Shirt £17.99
A DIY t-shirt is perfect to wear while completing all those DIY jobs around the house to protect their clothes. Personalise a t-shirt with a funny or inspirational quote. 

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands £5.66
Ok, something outside the box. Hand cream! For anyone who does a lot of work with their hands (mechanic, woodworker, electrician) or simply gets dried or cracked fingers and hands (especially in the winter), this stuff is amazing. The scent is subtle and non-offensive, and it just plain works.