08 June 2023

Reasons You Need Luxury Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops have been the ‘in’ thing when it comes to high quality kitchen countertops for quite some time now, and they’re only getting more popular by the day. But what’s so special about them, and what are the reasons you should be updating your kitchen to feature these luxurious worktops?

Quartz worktops come in a variety of colours, finishes, and styles.

The variety of design options available with quartz worktops is just one reason you should consider them for your dream kitchen design. They can be designs and produces to deliver absolutely any style you like, from simple, modern patterns to more complex designs such as imitation marble or granite; with quartz you really can have whatever takes your fancy. It’s also worth mentioning that there are a variety of different colours options available with quartz worktops too, so you can customise your worktops even further!

Quartz worktops are long-lasting

Another great thing about quartz worktops is just how durable they are. They have very minimal scratching and chipping potential and as a result, they can last a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about getting them replaced if you don’t want to. This means quartz worktops are incredibly cost-effective too.

Luxury quartz worktops can add value to your home

Speaking of being cost-effective, quartz worktops have another brilliant advantage too: they have a high resale value.  In other words, their increasing popularity has made them so desirable, they can even add value to your home and make it easier to secure that all important sale when you’re looking to move.

Quartz worktops are easy to look after and anti-bacterial!

Quartz worktops have a non-porous surface which means they requires no particular special care or any need to seal. It also means, in simple terms, that quartz worktops resist bacteria. This makes it an ideal material choice for your kitchen worktops because it’s easy to look after and suitably hygienic.

Quartz is environmentally friendly!

Quartz isa much more environmentally friendly choice that other similar materials. For example, natural materials like granite are mined out of the ground and usually transported over long distances, which means these materials have a considerable carbon footprint and a big environmental impact. Quartz on the other hand, can be created from local and recycled minerals making it a better option when it comes to considering the environmental implications of your kitchen design.
If all this doesn’t convince you that quartz worktops are the must have choice for luxurious, hygienic and durable kitchen countertops, then you need to visit our beautiful new homes at our Ellerwood in Skipton to see beautiful quartz kitchen worktops in the flesh! Book your viewing at Ellerwood today to get your dose of luxurious kitchen design ideas.