16 September 2020

New sponsors for Silsden AFC Ladies football team

With 18 players in the team and 18 league matches coming up all across Yorkshire, the team were in need of new kits for the season!

 “We will have 18 league matches this season, there are 9 other opponents in our league and we play them both home and away. Alongside this we do have league cup matches and if we progress through the rounds we will have more.”

“The money has funded a brand new away kit for Silsden AFC Ladies. We have not had a new home or away kit for several years, this year we were grateful to receive sponsorships for both kits, tracksuits, training kit and waterproof coats."
"Space Homes’ contribution has been very much appreciated and we thought their sponsorship was ideal for our away matches as we play all our away matches all across Yorkshire; some of the places we travel too are Brayton, Yorkshire Amateur and Harrogate."
"The feeling of sponsorship and new items for each individual really brings the team together and has given the team a really good feeling for this upcoming season."

We are a close friendship group and the new kit just sets us up for the season and gives us a fresh start to begin challenging in the league!”

“The next planned away match is at Brighouse on the 27th September where we will be wearing our Space Homes kit.”
“To be successful you need the tools to carry out your task to fulfil your goal, in this instance the kit has brought us togetherness and motivation to do well, we can’t thank you enough”
A huge good luck to Silsden AFC Ladies football team this season!