11 February 2020

Interior inspiration at Hodgsons Gate

We teamed up with Interhouse Design to design our show homes at Hodgsons Gate in Sherburn in Elmet. The team at Interhouse have styled our five bedroom home, The Kingsdale and our three bedroom homes, The Garsdale and The Fossdale. 

Whilst finishing the final touches on The Garsdale and The Fossdale last week, we chatted to the team at Interhouse about what inspired them whilst designing The Kingsdale. Keep reading to find out all about the 'behind the scenes' of The Kingsdale show home at Hodgsons Gate!

What was the inspiration for the first show home at Hodgsons Gate?

"Sherburn in Elmet is very much a semi-rural setting, which called for a design with a contemporary country feel with the use of warm woods and a soft yet modern colour palette to create an inviting interior. One of our favourite suppliers is James Hare, a Yorkshire based fabric and wallcoverings company and we thought it would be great to showcase their latest collection in our design."

How would you define the style you’ve gone for in the Kingsdale? 

"It was important for us to create a modern scheme to complement the contemporary layout of the show home. At the same time as this however, we have been very careful to use pieces with a classic feel that will have longevity / long term appeal."

What room is your favourite and what inspired you to design it the way you have?

"We love Bedroom 5! Rather than showcasing another kids bedroom, we thought it would be great fun to style this room as both a guest bedroom and kids den with a single daybed and TV storage unit filled with books and toys. We could really go to town on dressing out this room, it was great fun!"

How do you want people to feel when they walk into the show home?

"We want people to immediately feel they’ve walked in to a warm, inviting environment. The interior should be inspirational but equally allow people to envisage being able to make a home for themselves."

What’s next for you and Space Homes?

"We’re in the process of designing two new show homes at developments in Helmsley and Killinghall. They both have a completely different look and feel from Hodgsons Gate. Watch this Space..."