18 August 2022

Cheaper and Greener homes in Skipton

There are several benefits to buying a new home vs an older build but with the cost of living rising, the most important could be that buying new can be cheaper… and greener too!

It’s no secret that owning a new build home can significantly reduce your household bills. For owners of an older home, their heating bills can be on average £666 per year compared to new build homeowners whose bills can be 59% cheaper with a saving of £395 per year*

Data taken from HBF 'Greener, Cheaper, Cleaner Homes' Report 2022

From September 2021, around 84% of new builds were rated A-B for energy efficiency, while just 3% of existing properties reached the same standard. In contrast, 58% of existing dwellings had an efficiency rating of D-G, as compared to just 5% of new builds.
Data taken from HBF 'Greener, Cheaper, Cleaner Homes' Report 2022

Recently launched in Skipton, our collection of brand-new homes at Ellerwood feature energy efficient features that could contribute to your new build home being up to 59%* cheaper to run than an older build, meaning more money in your pocket whilst also doing your bit for the planet!  
Keep reading to discover more about our homes and their energy efficient features at Ellerwood


Next to all boilers a ‘SEDBUK Rating Guide’ will be provided. This rating shows your boiler’s energy efficiency, ranging from an A to G. Boilers dating back 15+ years, are much less efficient than the current modern condensing boilers.
Energy ratings for old boilers can be as low as 60%, giving them a G rating. Having a rating as low as this, could mean that the other 40% energy you are paying for is just going to waste.
Our homes have a combi boiler with an A+ rating for energy efficiency, both for water and heating. With an upgraded high-rated boiler, you’ll be saving yourself money on your heating and water bills whilst also lowering your CO2 emissions.


Windows are an important factor in keeping homes warm as 20% of heat that escapes from homes is lost through people’s windows.
At Space Homes, we are continuously aiming to accomplish a high level of airtightness within the glazing materials we use. All windows in our homes are fitted with A+ UPVC material. What does this mean? Well, it means that the windows will let in more heat from the outside than they let out. With such a high rating, your windows will have the ability to gain heat from outside meaning you won’t need to reach for the heating button so soon!

Roof Insulation

We always build with thermally efficient materials in areas like walls and roof insulation.
Older build homes tend to have significantly less than todays recommended insulation at 270mm. In the 1980s before sufficient building regulations were introduced, the standard thickness installed would be between 25 and 50mm.

External walls in our homes will have a U value that is in excess of 270mm which means your home has high insulation.



With our first relase of homes now available to reserve, find out more about Ellerwood today. 

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***Research first published by Home Builders Federation in 2022. Read the full report here