25 September 2023

A New Beginning: What to Do on Moving Day

Moving house is an exciting milestone in life. It marks the beginning of a fresh chapter, filled with new possibilities and new memories that are waiting to be made. It is essential to approach moving in day with a well-planned schedule before you even enter your new home. In this blog post, we'll guide you through a rundown of things you should do on moving in day, to guarantee a smooth move and a positive beginning to this exciting new phase of your life.

1. Set Up Essential Utilities

Before the house move, make a point to contact the vital utility suppliers well ahead of time, to guarantee that the power, water, gas, and internet providers are all set up and useable on moving day. Showing up at your new house with every one of the fundamental utilities set up will assist you with getting comfortable easily and keep any bothers away when moving house.

2. Inspect and Clean

When it comes to inspection, make sure you create a snagging list. Look out for any damage, leaks, or necessary repairs that might need attention. When you've compiled this list, you can use it to get the developer to fix these issues before you move into the property. When it comes to moving in, you should check every room, corner, and crevice to ensure that it's in the condition you expected. Remember, it’s easier to clean an empty house too, so take advantage of this opportunity before moving your belongings in, to give everything a thorough once over.

3. Check Safety Measures

Make sure that your new home satisfies all vital security features that should be in place. These will be different depending on if you’re buying a new home or a new apartment. Some things to consider include making sure all the emergency exits are fully operational, ensuring there are smoke, carbon monoxide and heat detectors installed and functioning, checking there are fire extinguishers in place and working properly and finally, making sure any locks on windows and doors are operational and undamaged. Once you’re happy all these key safety and security measures are as they should be, you can then take extra steps to make moving into a new house even safer, such as installing additional safety features such as cupboard locks and stair gates for pets and children. 

4. Plan Ahead for Unpacking For Moving In Day

Create a detailed plan for unpacking and organising your belongings in time for the house move. Label your boxes with the appropriate room names to streamline the unpacking process. Prioritise unpacking room by room, focusing on one area at a time to maintain a sense of organisation and prevent feeling overwhelmed in your new house.

5. Take Care of Important Documents

For any house move, you should find and organise essential documents like your lease agreement, insurance policies, warranties, and other legal documents and choose a safe location in your new house to keep them. A fireproof box or filing cabinet are good storage options for important documents. By organising your important paperwork for moving in day you will avoid unnecessary stress in the future and ensure that everything is easily accessible when needed.

6. Unpack the Essentials

Start by unpacking the essentials first, such as bedding, toiletries, kitchenware, and a few outfits once the moving in process has officially begun. This will allow you to have a more comfortable first night in your new home without feeling the pressure of needing to unload everything simultaneously. 

7. Familiarise Yourself with the Neighbourhood

Once you’ve completed your house move, take some time to explore your new neighbourhood. Go for a walk or drive around to get a feel for the local amenities, nearby grocery stores, parks, and any other facilities that might interest you, especially after a busy day of moving. Introduce yourself to your neighbours if the opportunity arises; they can offer valuable insights about the area and make your moving in day feel more welcoming.

Moving into a new house is a thrilling stage in life, and by following these fundamental stages on moving house, you can get yourself positioned for a smooth process and a positive beginning in your new home.