Sue & Clive

Before moving to Helmsley, Sue and Clive lived in a village called Meltham near Huddersfield.

The couple regularly visited Helmsley for weekend breaks and holidays and were familiar with the area.

Initially, Sue was apprehensive about moving away, but she was soon convinced when she saw the homes at our Ryemoor Gardens development and they both decided now was the time to make the move!


We’ve got a nice house, we’re in a nice area and we’ve got everything on the doorstep that we want.

Sue says “It took a lot of persuading for me to make the move, I’ll be honest. I have a good social network of friends and I didn’t want to be away from them or the place I’d called home for many years. But in the end we thought, we’ll go for it anyway.

When we started looking to buy a home in Helmsley, we just couldn’t find anything. Then after doing some research, we spotted another three bedroom home in Ryemoor Gardens that we thought would be absolutely brilliant for us. With the development being on the outskirts of Helmsley, we found that the house prices were a lot cheaper here than they were towards the centre.”

Here at Space Homes we know the home buying process can be stressful enough but with Covid, this process became a lot more complicated. Our team made sure we were on hand at every given point to support Sue and Clive with their move.
“The home buying process with Space Homes was really easy and our sales contact, Melanie has been absolutely fantastic.

Even the builders who are working on the site have been so helpful. Once we couldn’t open the patio door, and they came and fixed it straight away.”

Making the decision to buy a new home at the retirement age can be quite scary for many people as there are many factors that need to be considered such as family, grandchildren and of course lifelong friends.

When we asked Sue and Clive what advice they’d offer to anyone who’s looking to buy a home when they’re close to retiring, their advice is not to leave it for too long.

“If we’d stayed where we were, obviously we would have had some capital in the bank and we could have enjoyed ourselves a bit more, but we’ve got a nice house, we’re in a nice area and we’ve got everything on the doorstep that we want.”