Chris & Diane

We caught up with Chris and Diane and sailed through the stories of their 19 years together.

Always being drawn back to Yorkshire, Chris and Diane knew they wanted to find their new home somewhere in the area.

Lady Ediths is a small development just a 10 minute drive away from the coastal town of Scarborough. The pair couldn't believe their luck when they found such a close-nit community, just 200 yards away from the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.


We enjoyed our time that we spent down in Essex, but we will always be Yorkshire people at heart!

After spending many exciting years travelling through Yorkshire and East Midlands on their barge ‘Brindley’, Chris and Diane decided it was time for a change.

The pair chose to stop their travels in the South-East County of Essex and retire to solely living on their barge. They lived out their time here for around 6 years, before making their return up North.

“We originally found a home in Boroughbridge, York however this sadly fell through due to problems we had selling Brindley.” The couple were not too short of luck when they soon found a development site they liked in Scarborough.

After looking around these coastal homes, they began to walk around the area to see what Yorkshire countryside surrounded them. To their surprise, they stumbled across another new build site.

“Your leading signage caught our eye straight away!” The couple told us it was our Shared Ownership sign that welcomed them in instantly. “We were sceptical at first, but as we progressed further in, we were spotting more and more things we liked!”

Diane knew the Yorkshire & Humber area more than her partner Chris, but they both knew it was the location for them. “I remember coming to Scarborough on holidays from Leeds. We would travel here without a car, so I never really got to see the surrounding countryside, but now I'm living here and it’s just beautiful to look at.”

Despite only getting to view our show home, they knew it was the right decision. “We never really wanted a house on an estate like this, but our first impressions were too positive to ignore. The site is a perfect size, and we are in the perfect place.” Chris and Diane chose one of our last 2-bedroom homes at Lady Ediths, and believe they truly have the “best house on the site”.

“If Shared Ownership gives you a chance to get on the property ladder, then just do it!”