Tabassam Ramsam

We caught up with Tabassam, who has recently moved into her brand new home using Shared Ownership.

Having lived in Leeds all her life, it was an easy decision to choose one of our shared ownership homes just a 20-minute drive from Leeds city centre.
“I started looking at these homes because I work nearby, so it’s the perfect location for me.
I loved buying a new build home because it means half of the stress is gone. You don’t have to worry about spending a lot on new furnishings, because everything is brand new already! If you don’t buy new build, I’d stress about upgrading bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms in the future.”
Before speaking with Space Homes, Tabassam wasn’t aware of Shared Ownership. Shared Ownership allows you to buy an initial share of your home between 25% and 75%. This means you can step onto the property ladder sooner than expected and buy more of your home as and when you can afford to.
“I had only ever heard of Help to Buy before, I didn’t know anything about Shared Ownership. When I approached Space Homes, their sales consultant Amy talked me through the whole process.
I think Shared Ownership is great for people like me. Because I work part time, affording a full mortgage on my own would be virtually impossible.
I think Shared Ownership deserves a lot more recognition. Especially for Leeds, which is a massive city and the property prices reflect that, it’s great that I can now own a home here.”

“It was a really quick process which is exactly what I wanted. I reserved my property in January and by February, I was moved in! I cannot fault the service space homes give. If they say they’re going to do something, they do it. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. “
You can find our homes available with Shared Ownership here or speak to our sales team here.