What is an emergency?

An emergency defect is one which poses a significant risk to life or well being, or could cause considerable damage to the property. We aim to attend within 24 hours of the defect being reported and make safe the immediate danger or issue. Where further works are required, these may be completed in a standard timescale.

Examples of emergencies are;

  • Loss of heating or hot water between 1st Oct and 30th Apr
  • Total loss of services, for example gas, electric or water if not a wider service provider problem
  • Unsafe power, lighting, electrical fitting or faulty smoke or safety device
  • Uncontainable water leak from water or heating pipe, tank, cistern or roof
  • Insecure external ground floor window, door or lock
  • Blocked or leaking foul drain, soil stack or (where there is no other working toilet in the house) toilet pan

If you feel your defect is an emergency then please call our team on 03453 664 409

Alternativly, you can continue to report a problem using our online form. 

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