16 November 2022

Interior Inspiration at Ellerwood

Following on from our Show Home Launch at Ellerwood in Skipton, we decided to catch-up with the Interhouse team to find out the inspiration behind their design.
While dressing our 4-bedroom Halton Show Home, we asked Louise and Sara if they could share their thoughts on the design and even any advice they have for homebuyers looking to decorate their new build home.

What was your inspiration for our Halton Show Home at Ellerwood?

We wanted to create a modern, country scheme and were inspired by the stunning countryside in Skipton and the surrounding area. The palette of lush greens, rich blues and vibrant yellows is a direct connection to the flora and fauna.

In our research, we looked at one of our favourite designers, Kit Kemp, who is expert at pulling colour and pattern together to create interesting and inviting interiors. 

Which room is your favourite & what was the inspiration behind it?

We loved the Lounge for many reasons! The proportions of the room lends itself to a convivial seating arrangement, in the form of a large corner sofa and additional loveseat in the window. Great for entertaining!

To add interest, we panelled one wall and painted all walls in the same warm, earthy tone, which gives a cocooning feel to the room. 
We then layered richly saturated colours and vivid pattern, in the form of cushions and artwork to bring a maximalist vibe to the room.

We feel that this is particularly successful and is the first room you come to when you enter the house and so sets the tone for the rest of the scheme.

Do you have any advice for those decorating their new build home?

Absolutely 100% and it is to take your time! Not advice that most people want to hear.

It’s important for the following reasons:

How are you going to use the rooms? For example, if you work from home, where is the best place for you to set aside a workspace.

Work out what you really love and spend some time doing this so that when you come to decorate, you know exactly what style works for you. 

Go for what makes you happy, not what you think is on trend or what other people do.


What are 2 of your staple pieces when designing new build homes?

We always look to inject personality in any scheme we design and our starting point for this is wallpaper and fabrics, which we’re passionate about.

When we’re designing, we think about the area, the market and the demographic first and then how we can use colour and pattern, to create a design that is memorable and creates impact. And most importantly that feels like a home that people can imagine themselves living in.